WebART at the CATCH Midterm Event

Post date: Dec 21, 2012 1:45:12 PM

Friday, the 14th of December, the CATCH Midterm Event took place, entitled "CATCH in Context". The Dutch national Continuous Access To Cultural Heritage (CATCH) program has begun in 2004, and so far 18 projects have been funded by the program. The event was an opportunity for us to present the WebART project to a broad audience, but also to get informed about the other projects in the CATCH program, and to share experiences.

The event featured keynotes by Jan Scholtes and Richard Cherry. Scholtes discussed the topic of text mining in the Humanities, very applicable to many of the CATCH projects presented during the day. He showed serious applications of text mining and Natural Language Processing (e.g. for the analysis of e-mails in Enron scandal) , but also examples of the application of text mining in popular domains, e.g. to analyze films and books. Richard Cherry, involved in cultural heritage projects in the United States, presented opportunities for museums to make use of the Web, for example by building and sharing reusable Website components.

The main focus of the Midterm Event was on CATCH projects that are running for two years, which are AGORA, BRIDGE, HITIME, and LINKS. These projects were presented using an "interview-style" approach, discussing the project progress with the project leaders, and aspects that went right and wrong. 

Finally, the afternoon featured project presentations of the latest CATCH projects, which are COGITCH, FACT, MISS, and finally, WebART. Jaap Kamps, project leader of the WebART project, presented the underlying ideas of the WebART project, our progress and an outlook to things to come in our Living Lab.

The slides of our presentation will be posted here soon.